Welcome to Juan's

Personal Price Tracker

Providing Juan with robust product analytics, allowing him to effortlessly monitor them and receive alerts for price reductions and free shipping promotions.


In a world with an overwhelming variety of products and options, this application makes shopping easy. We recognize that the online shopping landscape can be both exciting and daunting. Price Tracker simplifies the process of finding the right time to purchase certain products of choice, sending an email alert when certain products are on sale or have the option of free shipping.

The Price Tracker operates by accepting product URLs entered through the search bar. It currently functions exclusively with pre-approved IP addresses. In the absence of an authorized IP address, no alterations are made to MongoDB, the cloud storage system currently housing the data. The Price Tracker employs specialized functions designed to scrape relevant information from web pages using HTML tags. This data is subsequently transmitted to the cloud. These functions are executed automatically on a daily schedule. If the system detects discounted products or free shipping opportunities, it triggers the generation of email alerts.

Additionally, this app allows you to see the trend of prices by product that are currently saved in the cloud, displaying a graph with their respective prices and dates. You just have to choose the product from the dropdown menu, and the information will be updated automatically.

At the moment it is only active to function on pages associated with Sams Club since it is our main grocery supplier for our daily consumption.